Chromatic aberrations issue?

When I turn chromatic aberrations on, there’s a noticeable decrease in saturation of the reds and greens/yellows on bright areas.
It seems to me as if the module doesn’t apply the effect only to the high contrast borders, where we expect to find the chromatic aberrations, but spreads into flat regions of the image.
Is it by design?
this is darktable 3.1.0~git2163.fda1e5796

CA on

CA off

Read first. May be a preview problem; or perhaps, the detector needs an overhaul.

Thanks @afre.
I already removed the zoom images from the original post and exported the two versions.
But the differences between the exported jpegs remain as show in the zoomed out images left in my post.

Could you post the exports? 1:1 crops are fine.

Also, a sample file and sidecar, for those who want to investigate?

Here they are:

CA on:

CA off:

IMG_7739.cr2 (11.4 MB)
IMG_7739.cr2.xmp (11.0 KB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

Using your RAW I can reproduce this, with or without your accompanying xmp file. You can also reproduce it when only applying the bare essential default modules + the ca module. So it does not seem to be a module combo thing.

However: I cannot reproduce this with any other RAW file. Tried using cr2’s, nef’s and orf’s and I do not see this phenomena. Actually I can see this on other RAW’s, but not on all of them.

Tested using dt 3.1.0+2350~g3f399bdf8

EDIT: This isn’t 3.1.0 specific. I just tried 3.0.2 and it also shows up in that version.

If this is about raw ca correction, then may have a look here. RT had the same issue

Thanks @Jade_NL and @heckflosse, I opened an issue:

@gadolf Here’s a poiner to the part of the RT code which tries to avoid the desaturation