Clickable 1:1 (& other Section decorations)

We have on a Section heading (Section = Exposure, Shadows/Highlights, Tone Mapping aso.) the „On/Off” button on the left part which we must click in order to turn on/off the said section.

On the latest ART we have also on the right part the „Revert” button which reverts the Section to its default values (by clicking on it) or to its last saved values (by ctrl+click on it).

Besides of ART’s feature, which I found very handy, I have a very natural workflow to press with the mouse after the „On/Off” button the „1:1” widget which is just a simple label, for now.
Yes, it is a classical application of Fitts’s law - Wikipedia.
Yes, I know that I can press „z” key in order to achieve the same effect, but the workflow isn’t so streamlined because the attention would dissipate.

If it isn’t to hard, please make the „1:1” clickable to bring the image to 100% zoom. If the image is already at 100%, invoke „Fit to screen”.

TIA for your support.

Please file your feature request on github!

Thanks for the guidance! Sorry for posting here.
I created this one:
Clickable 1:1 (& other Section decorations) · Issue #6308 · Beep6581/RawTherapee (

No worries! Thanks for opening the issue!