Closing Rapid Photo Downloader needs Force Quit on Ubuntu

This is an annoyance I’ve seen for a long time on Ubuntu 16 and now Ubuntu 18.04 where usual closing of RPD seems to be very slow and usually grey’s out and asks if I want to force quit the program which usually I do b/c it takes so long to respond otherwise to close command.
Could it be my relatively old desktop (circa 2012, core i5, 2320)?
Other thoughts? It’s not the end of the world and imports go fine etc. Just a niggling annoyance mainly.

File a bug report with all the log files and also the configuration file. See Rapid Photo Downloader: Help for details on how to do that. If those files are not included, I cannot investigate the problem. Please be aware I doubt I will be able to look at it for several months due to other pressing commitments.

Thanks, I’ll do that. And no problem with time taken to investigate b/c it is afterall, not a critical functional issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

As I mentioned, please attach all the log files (there should be up to three or four more in compressed format), and the configuration file. I cannot take any action on the bug unless this is done.

Sorry for leaving this idle so long.
Since posting this I have updated Ubuntu now to 19.04 and did a test of closing the program after a photo download. It seemed to close alright, but was a bit slow doing so. I have seen the original problem up until this recent system update.
I just got an error from saying the upload file format wasn’t permitted (for the log files requested). I’ve added some log files via Launchpad although it only seems to permit one attachment per posting so I’ve made 2 posts with attachments.

Is this the bug report? Bug #1818280 “sqlite3 database is locked while adding thumbnails...” : Bugs : Rapid Photo Downloader

Yes, that was the original report. I recently had a reminder to submit the log files or the report would be closed because it was stale.

Okay cool, thanks. Please add the 2nd log file — it looks like you forgot the attachment :grin:

Actually, it was a double posting of the log1 file which I deleted but couldn’t delete the duplicate post. I have 9 more log files and can post a few more or all of them but they each require a separate posting it seems.

Or better yet, put them all in one compressed tar archive. That will be fine!