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Re: “collection is still available, but the identifier has changed”

I’ve just installed digiKam and played with it a bit. As a test, I installed it on computer “A” and told it to work off my OneNote disk. All is well. Then I installed it on “B” and told it to work on that same shared OneNote subdirectory. All seems to work properly except that when I shut down A and later move to B, I get the warning message above. I tell it “ok” and it proceeds to apparently work properly. When I go back to A I get the warning again.

A couple of questions:

  1. Will the way I installed it to be accessible from two machines cause some trouble down the road?

  2. If this install is not a problem, is there a way to suppress the warning message?


What is ‘OneNote disk’ ? Is that a remotely located hard drive? Looks like digiKam detects different UUID. Launch digikam with ‘-h’ option, I think there is a way to specify UUID at every launch.

Microsoft OneNote is a cloud program. My data resides on my C: disk in a OneNote directory tree. When machine A changes something on my C: disk, it gets copied up to the Microsoft servers and back down to my B machine to keep them synced. So for example I can dink with an Excel file an A and later go to B and see the changes are there, all on their own.

So somehow after digiKam on my A machine has touched the db files, digiKam on machine B realizes it and asks me if I want to continue. When I say yes, it happily proceeds and can see any changes I made earlier. Works very nicely, but I’d rather it didn’t ask me for the 947th time if I want to let it proceed.

You probably meant Microsoft OneDrive not OneNote. Anyways, I think digiKam can’t connect to OneDrive direct and instead you add its mirrors on your hard drives. So there are two hard drives seen by digiKam physically that is why it complains about UUID.
I am not sure if there is a way to remove the warnings you get. The best place to ask would be
They might ask you to add it as a wish in later

You’re right - OneDrive. There’s only one drive on the computer that digiKam sees. And that drive is mirrored to the cloud which it doesn’t see. DigiKam is very happy with the setup until another computer updates some file which gets mirrored down. It’s the fact that a file has changed which generates the warning. Otherwise, no warnings.

I’ll try searching the other site you suggested.


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