Collections Filters module misbehaving?

Hi all.
Before I post a bug report on github, I just wanted to check that I’m not the bug.
The new Collections Filters module (which looks awesome btw!) has a Capture Time section with 2 date fields.
I am finding that if I enter a date in the first field, then I cannot enter a date in the second field. It steadfastly insists on returning to a value of Max the moment I click away from that field.
Conversely, if I enter a date in the second field, then enter a date in the first field, the first field immediately reverts to a value of Min.
The only way I have overcome this issue is to left-click and drag along the little timeline indicator, which does actually put a start date and end date in the corresponding fields.
THEN, I can go and change the values of each.
But surely, I should be able to start with 2 blank fields and put my start and end dates in, right?
Am I doing something wrong?

OS: Linux Mint 20.3


Thanks for your feedback.

I didn’t test that part of those new filters but what you describe seems to be a bug. Maybe opening a bug and ping AlicVB could be good (I notice this to him anyway on private!).

yep, that seems a bug. I’ll have a look and reply if a github is needed for more information !
Thanks !

@Bruce_Williams : I’ve just done a PR to fix that : range : reset bounds correctly when typing in entries by AlicVB · Pull Request #11807 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub
Note that this happen with all range filters in fact !

One thing I would also like to see here is if I create a rule for Capture TIme, and right click in the min or max fields (to invoke the calendar), the Year values should not default to 1. It should be the current year. It’s much easier to get to 1990 if I’m starting from 2022, than if I’m starting from year 1! Also, it’s a bit of a pointless default as I don’t think there were any cameras around in year 1. The world would have been saved a lot of bull***t if there had been. :slight_smile:

Seeing how few pictures survived from even 100 years ago, I doubt that :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, but there were: flintstones camera at DuckDuckGo