collections sort by folder

Does anybody know if it is possible for “collections” to be sorted “by folder” as a default?
For some reason I never sort by film roll but DT always switches to it by default (moving images, adding to library)

It is one of these things that I may never touch in a day and in another day I end up using the presets (as a workaround) many times.

I am just curious if I am missing something…
Not a deal breaker at all but kind of like “sand in the shoe”…
Or maybe nobody else uses that this function (display the collections as folder) much?

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2nd entry in the section: darktable 4.0 user manual - collections

Make a preset and set it to default, I think.

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It says that film roll is default
" The default collection is based on the film roll attribute and displays all images of the last imported or selected film roll."

And I can’t find something to set a preset as default on the collections module.
I do have the presets and heavily use them but when I move pictures (or add pictures to the library) it auto switches to “film roll”

On my side, if I quit darktable with folders set on collections, folders are shown when I launch again darktable. Probably the simple way.

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I think he means that it automatically switches when you import. I think it also does the same thing in Add a folder.

There is already an issue in GitHub for this.

I would also prefer to default to keep it in folder mode.

The discussion on github is quite long… and there are a lot of pros and cons with it.
Thank you for the link. Looks like it is not high on the priority list.

Thank You Pascal!!


Very much appreciated @Pascal_Obry !