color balance with gmic

i’m trying to figure out how to achieve the equivalent of Gimp Colors/Color Balance filter.
it adjusts Cyan/Red Magenta/Green Yellow/Blue on 3 pixels ranges (shadows/midtone/Highlights)
is there something equivalent in gmic ?
what would be the process to achieve the same results ?
thanks in advance for any insight.

I don’t remember exactly. There are many like filters under Colors. Check them one by one.

im talking about the ‘GIMP’ filters

Under the Colors category, there are a bunch of 3 channel balance and mixer filters. Give each a try to see which one works for you. If none of them work, let us know which is closest, then one of us could adapt or update it to suit your needs.

well i think the closest must be CMYK Tone.
i’m very used to use it the way gimp presents it.
i will try to see if i can find the same feeling. thank you.

i tried but frankly i really like the gimp one and can’t find equivalent. i use it constantly on still frames and im embarrassed for sequences. (didnt understand too much how to batch gimp and really would prefer being a gmic command.

its this one : Color/Color Balance

but im not sure how to handle it.
thanks in advance

Hello @luluxXX,

In G’MIC there is a filter named “Color Grading” made by John Lakkas. It works differently from “Color Balance” in GIMP. Then only use the Color-Grading part. You can set all initial values to zero in this part when you start this filter. Play with it to get a feeling for this filter.

John Lakkas made also plugins for GIMP. You can find them here:

Maybe you find those filters useful.

Working with “Curves”, both in GIMP and in G’MIC, gives you the best control for color balancing (compared to GIMP’s color balance filter).

Excellent manual for working with “curves”, here on PIXLS.US: