Color Correction Regions

Hi guys.

I’m from Brazil and its my first topic here.

I’ve been used rawtherapee since January and I can’t found any documentation about color correction regions option in color toning module.

Can you help me about this ?

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At RawPedia there is a sub chapter “Color Correction Regions” where you find a link…

Hi Karl.

Yes, but there is a few informativo:

" Color Correction Regions

A powerful tool which lets you not only color-tone based on any number of masks, but also supports functions from the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL).".

I can’t understing how does work.

Well I agree that the documentation could be better. And the link might be to much for a non technician.

Color correction regions was coded by @agriggio, but afaik not documented. Perhaps he can shed some light into the processing…

Welcome to the forum Marcos from Brazil :slight_smile:
Glad you enjoy RawTherapee. Hope the fine folks around will provide the help you need!

Thank You!