Color Diagnostic

We need to Analyze colors like covide test.
We will scan the picture then we need to analyze the results one strip… two…
Can we analyze it with Pixls?

Welcome Moshe! If you are a person and not a bot please explain in more detail what you want to do.


I am a person, we need to analyze self-check for example, covide test we need to recognize one negative 2 strips positive etc…

Sounds like you’re doing computer vision? Use OpenCV?


Pixls is a community, not a software.

However, there are many people here who know a lot about image processing (I’m not one of them, I’m just a user).

If you describe your needs in detail (for example, how you capture the images, how similar they are (e.g., are they scanned by a device in always the same position, or are they e.g. hand-held in front of a webcam), how they look, and so on), you may get help faster.

Can you post sample pictures?

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