Color Equalizer and RGB Curves Expanded state not holding

I would like to maintain this expanded state for these two modules.

Here is a screenshot in my preferences. I have pressed save

I then close ART and reopen. If I open the last few documents that I was working on, then the expanded state remains. However, this is the state of the two modules when I open a document which has not been opened before.

I would think that the current state should hold for all documents being opened.

There’s a difference between expanding the tools (i.e. the panels) and setting the state of the individual controls inside a tool. It seems you want the latter. In that case, it can be done by saving the tool values in a partial profile, and have it applied by default to all your pictures (for instance using a dynamic profile rule). I can show some screenshots if you think my description is unclear

Yes, that would be helpful

Ok, so:

  1. First, enable the two tools, set the curves to where you want them, then (optionally) disable them again and save them in a partial profile:

    Important: save the arp under the profiles dir of ART ($HOME/.config/ART/profiles on Linux, %LOCALAPPDATA%\ART\profiles on windows)

  2. Select the two tools from the dialog:

  3. create a new entry in the “dynamic profile rules” section of the preferences:

  4. Now you should have this:

  5. Done. The new profile will automatically be applied to your newly processed pictures, with the curves open. In general, you can follow the same procedure to override all the default values for all the tools.


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Thanks, Alberto. That’s what I was looking for. :grinning: