Color Vortex. 2018.

(Stampede) #1

I saw some people bemoaning that we don’t share enough of our finished pictures on this site, so I will make an effort to post them more often.

I finished this picture a couple months ago and have printed an edition limited to 10 copies.

The black rectangle around the back is the black frame that I use for the physical print.
The white circle is how the physical matte is cut.

So I consider this physical artwork, though it was designed digitally.

The original picture came from my Canon Powershot G7X Mark 2. I developed it in Raw Therapee and while I was working on it, this forum helped me understand the importance of a good input color profile, because I was getting weird artifacts in RT when I was messing with the colors.

Once I got it “pretty good” in RT, I moved it into the gimp, where I experimented with different shapes and sizes for the framing and matting. I also did some dodging and burning on different parts. A lot of times I will export a bunch of different versions of the same picture and come back to them later to decide what looks best. This usually involves different color schemes, perspectives, etc…

Once I had settled on a design, I went to the local framing shop and gave the lady my measurements. The physical frame is actually two pieces at different heights. Because I wanted to really screw around with your depth perception. So I had her make me a 3-D frame that does not come across on a computer monitor. I would have framed it myself, but I don’t have the equipment to cut a perfect circle out of mat board.

It still looks cool on the computer, IMO. Enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing! Interesting way of framing.

(Mica) #3

Very interesting, and I appreciate that you must experience it in person for the full effect.