Colorspace conversions - Log2Lin

Hey guys,

I am new to Natron and I have some questions regarding the color transformations:

First off, which node do I use to get the best results for converting Log to Linear and back? As I understand I have multiple possibilities; the basic Log2lin, Plog2lin and the OCIO conversions…

I have looked online, but where can I find the correct numbers to insert in the nodes? Black / white point, gamma?

For example I would like to go from and S-log / Vlog / Clog to linear, make corrections and then go from linear to Log C.
Is there a place to find the correct data to use in the conversion nodes?

Because this applies only to the gamma, I also need to make a gamut transformation? For example from S gamut to Wide Gamut RGB.
Would this need to be in a different node and which one?

(I want to bring footage from different sources to one uniform colourspace before exporting to EXR and then going into grading software. My preferred output now is WGRGB, but perhaps you have a better suggestion?)

And my final question: when reading a DNG file, there is the possibility to use or bypass the embedded DNG profile. Could I use a seperatly generated DNG profile (that is not embedded in the DNG) to go with this read file? Or is this a transformation I make in a different node, and if so; which one?


These nodes are equivalents of the similarly named Nuke nodes:

You have to check if your colorspaces are available in the default OCIO configuration (try nuke, blender or natron configs), else you’ll have to dig more.
Troy Sobotka would be able to give you a subtanciated answer, but he’s not on these forums anymore (see topic Ownership of the contents)