Complementary colors. A naked child holds a book for a bishop

I took my Pansonic LX100 II to work today as I had to take pictures of the volunteers at work and didn’t want to use office cameras.
In the afternoon, on my way home, I turned my bicycle towards the city center to buy something for Valentine’s Day and when I reached “Prato della Valle” I took the camera out of my backpack.

Any photo I take today, for two months now, is a way to re-learn how to make photographs, but also how to make the most of my new camera. What’s more, it’s also a way to get to know Darktable, and eventually interact with So every new shot of mine today could potentially generate 4 new things for me to learn, into 4 different fields of knowledge.

And here is where I ask for your help.

The shot was taken towards sunset in Padua (Italy). The temperature today was mild, around 15 °C in the afternoon. A little bit of haze was evenly distributed.

This photo is shared under the CC0 license (which means: “do with it what you want”. It’s yours).

_1010835.RW2 (19.3 MB)


It was likely more hazy like your version…
_1010835.RW2.xmp (11.4 KB)

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Fast and light edit:

_1010835.RW2.xmp (8,0 KB)

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I applied a style I made a while back that uses a LUT, so it won’t apply correctly without that - let me know if you want me to dig up the LUT file!
Not really sure about this effect but quite like it.

_1010835.RW2.xmp (10.7 KB)

DT 4.2

20230214_1010835.RW2.xmp (13,1 KB)

Edit: I was missing the © again

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dt 4.2

_1010835.RW2.xmp (8.0 KB)

A harsh edit, indeed, but not without some sort of fascination. It reminds me of some Sixties’ photographs I find in some forgotten drawer. Thank you.

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Wow! Sky replacement is very well done here. Thank you. BTW, it’s copylefted…

Thanks! Yes, it definitely has a bit of a aged look to it. I think why I like it is that it actually obscures some details, which lets one wonder, instead of just seeing…

Your edit is very respectful of the original scene (as always in your edits @Tim) and similar to mine. Thank you.

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I wouldn’t mind giving your style/lut a shot if you dont mind sharing. I agree, very old school film feel.

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Thanks for the image. GIMP. I decided that a couple of distractions had to go! The two people in the foreground and the illuminated signs of the number 22 bus. Local adjustments to contrast and brightness. Then I thought that we have a second image within the frame.


_1010835.RW2.xmp (37.7 KB)

I tried recreating 123sg’s edit in darktable 4.2 w/o lut and all scene referred + a bit of color zones. Close but no cigar?


Nice! I don’t know why the others chose not to remove the two persons… I also removed a pidgeon flying in the sky.
Your colors are better than those in my processing.
Good idea also to take a different crop. Thanks.

I let @123sg to comment on this. Thank you.

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My version… Wow, I see that I have the same frame as @david , coincidence.

_1010835.RW2.xmp (15.9 KB)

Complementary colors.

Captura de pantalla de 2023-02-15 16-05-46.png


Nice! You have hit both the targets that were included in the title. Good work.


My fun in GIMP


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Its funny, I often like people in a scene I feel it brings life and realism but I can see how they could be perceived as a distraction… for me…its less distracting but the building crane which is a minor detail would be something I would remove… :slight_smile:

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No problem!
This is it, a Haldclut file from the big RawTherapee collection here: Film Simulation - RawPedia near the top of the page.
It just applies with the 3D LUT module.

The style I made that uses it is more or less like the xmp, I think just a bit more over the top - if that’s possible!
urban grainy Canberra.dtstyle (3.5 KB)