Confusion with Munsell Correction


In reading the “Getting Started” information I encountered the discussion on Munsell correction. I still am not sure what it is or why it is needed. Can anyone elaborate on its usefulness? The term “LUTf” is used throughout the discussion yet the term is never defined and I have not been able to find a definition for it. Can anyone elaborate on what it means?


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It’s not mentioned at all in the Getting Started article.
Try searching for it in RawPedia, Wikipedia or other - success guaranteed.


No, the article referenced in your link is the one I was reading. I have previously read the Wikipedia article, I am aware of the Munsell color system, my questions deal with “Munsell Correction” as discussed in the rawpedia article you referenced below. The article constantly refers to “LUTf” and there is no explanation what LUTf means, neither have I found the term defined or mentioned anywhere else.


The following is in the Getting Started article:

Make sure that the Color Management tool is configured correctly. Usually the defaults are best. Read the Color Management and Color Management addon articles…"

I followed the “Color Management addon” link.

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A LUTf is a LookUp Table which contains floating point values. It’s a datastructure used in RawTherapee


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I clarified “LUTf” in the article.