Considerations about this site

Talking about PIXL.US’ site I think a vector logo would be better. The actual PNG looks very blurred.

Moreover, to appreciate the uploaded photos against a neutral background it would be useful to have a neutral background also in the dark theme of the site.

No thank you. In my free time I like to do something different from what I do at work.

There is already an SVG logo
PIXLS.US logo with url

The forum site logo and text is all one image. Its only slightly blurry if you’re on mobile or a small screen. On the desktop is looks fine to me.

The default theme is white and white is neutral.

The dark theme is a slightly warm gray, but if you click the image you get a light box that is closer to black.

We don’t stray from the upstream discourse package too much, because we are the same as you: our free time is spent doing things other than maintaining patch sets.

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What is free time? Who do you work for that is draining your essence?


That SVG is used in main site I was talking about this forum.

Yes, I understood. I just wanted to indicate that the amount of work to change this is not so huge because a vectorized image exists already.

Upon further inspection, the Default Dark theme is primarily neutral.

You are right, sorry, I forgot there are 3 themes, not 2. I was talking about the Grey Amber theme.