Contacting multiple projects with the same request


Several projects are listing as their preferred contact channel.

Being in charge of collecting the slides for the State of Libre Graphics 2020, I’m filling the same request over and over for each project…

Is there a way to make sure that all the graphics related projects are notified with one single message?

And is there a “clean” way to avoid that that discuss bugs me with a notice that i’ve already posted the same content (of course not in the same forum!)

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to submit your slides in


Slightly off-topic, sorry.

If you haven’t already contacted ImageMagick developers, I suggest you might post to the forum: .

I’m not an IM developer, but I am a forum moderator.

hi @snibgo, thanks for the hint! i just noticed that for some reason i did not have ImageMagick on my list.

i’ll post a request in the forum!

hi @snibgo , i submitted my standard request to imagemagick but my account and message got deleted in a matter of a few minutes…

can you please relay the message to the devs?


Bother, sorry about that. I’ve posted an announcement: . With luck, it won’t get deleted and I won’t get banned.

thank you very much!

i also moderate a few forums and i always hope not to delete legit accounts even if they look spammy. (and sometimes, it’s very hard to decide!)

and i see why somebody, might have thought that i was a spammer. (or it was simply a bot that was counting the links…)

To be honest, for a sec, seeing the multiple posts, I thought your account got hacked. :slight_smile:

We can just ping the appropriate people from one thread. I know who all of them are.