"[...] contains NaN values. They have been converted to 1"

Working on my first project where I’m just moving around still images with transparent backgrounds in front of a Constant white background. After adding a new image, resizing it to 0.25 scale, moving it, and then merging it with the rest of the project, I was given two warnings.

Transform2 warning: Transform2: rendered rectangle (90,44)-(130,94) contains NaN values. They have been converted to 1.


Merge3 warning: Merge3: rendered rectangle (0,0)-(480,270) contains NaN values. They have been converted to 1

A response to this post suggests that

Most of the times getting NaNs mean that either something is wrong in your graph, or there is a bug somewhere in Natron or it’s plugins. If the graph is small enough, you can attach a project file and we can take a look at it.
Typical instructions that create NaNs are dividing zero by zero, and taking the square root of a negative number

The graph is still relatively small, would somebody be willing to take a look and see if there’s “something wrong” with it, or whether this is a bug? It seems like what I did was pretty simple, so I’m not sure where there was much room for me to mess something up… but then again, I shouldn’t doubt my ability to do something dumb in 3 steps or less =P

The project file is here:

And if it is a bug, is it the sort of thing I should open an issue on GitHub about?

Thanks for any help!

Just downloaded your file, but since the responding .png files are missing I can not exactly reproduce your issue.

However, in my comps I also often get the NaN error when pictures are in another resolution than the comp, but the resulting renders are still ok and I just kind of ignore the error message…

Thanks for your reply. It seems like it’s only when I’ve recently changed things that I get the errors. Once I’ve finished setting up my keys, then close and reopen the program, I can play through the whole project without an error.

This does make it seem like I can ignore the messages, so that brings up the question, is it possible to dismiss the errors? Right now, they just pile up and end up taking up a third of my viewer, and the big “WARNING” over top of the nodes makes then hard to read, which is frustrating.

Thanks again

EDIT: Actually still getting some errors, and I can’t find a rhyme or reason to them. That’s fine if I can ignore them, though, I guess. I’m still very interested in finding out if I can dismiss them because they really do get in the way.

You should try the latest RC (RC16 as of today, which includes AudioCurve), and if the problem persists, make a zip file with a project which can be used to reproduce the issue.

You can ignore NaNs. They’re usually the result of division by zero somewhere or taking the square root of a negative number, or any other illegal operation. Natron replaces these with 1s, so that processing can continue. Can you see where they are in the output image?

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I’m curious how to get rid of these messages too! I have several of them built up so it really takes away from the viewer window.