Conversion with 4.2 much sharper than with 5.3 --??



I have a file from a little 9 MPx Fuji E900 which I want to re-process. When I look at the result I get now with RT 5.3 and compare it to a version I converted in 2015 with version 4.2, the latter is MUCH sharper! And I can not figure out why. Same profile, no sharpening applied in either version. Please would you have a look at it?
I have uploaded a folder called “Ice Age” containing the RAF, crops from both TIFs, and both .pp3 files.

Also, I can not go back to version 4.2, it crashes when I double-click the image in the File Browser to open it in the Editor.
So I also wonder what my other files, processed in 5.3, would look like if I could compare to 4.2…

Best regards - Hening.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Having examined the raw file, TIFF files and PP3 files, I conclude that DSCF0185 Eiszeit.tif.out.pp3 was not used to develop DSCF0185 Eiszeit 4.2 crop.tif from that raw file, and in fact RawTherapee was most likely not used at all to develop that “4.2” TIFF image.


Have you tried the latest version (5.4)?


Hi Morgan!

Thank you for your very fast reply!

That RT was not used at all sounds almost impossible. In my ‘darkroom’ log I noted “CA correction in RawTherapee substantially improved, but not all gone; a little highlight recovery. Sharpening in FocusMagic would dramatically improve sharpness (not saved).”
So maybe I did save the result of sharpening in FM inadvertedly?

I would like to check by developing in RT 4.2 now, but it crashes, at least on this image. I can open another image, a raw from a Sony a7r1, which I have processed with RT 4.2 as well as others.

Today, I saved the crash log. Would you care to have a look at it?
Oh, upload of a text file is not allowed. So I send this via dropbox as well, it’s called ‘Crash’.

Thanks again!

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

I developed that image today in 4.2 in WinXP and as expected it looked nothing like the provided TIFF.

There’s not much point trying 4.2 - it’s old, long unsupported, and I can vouch that things improve from version to version, so you really should be using 5.4 (soon 5.5).


Here is the file processed in 4,2 with your pp3


Many thanks to the both of you.
James, your jpeg equals my recent conversion with 5.3. So it really seems like my result from 2015 was saved in the sharpened version, unlike what my log recorded.