convert XYZ LUT profile to shaper matrix profile?

Last year I generated an XYZLUT (+matrix) profile for my monitor for use in GIMP.

Because GIMP is very slow when using such profiles (see here) I can’t really use it while editing (I enable/disable via hotkey to check now and then.)

Are there any tools to convert the .icc profile so that it only has the matrix present? Or do I have to run the calibration all over again?


Anything is possible, but it depends on whether the profile contains calibration curves as well as profiling information. Depending on how you created the profile, it’s far simpler to re-create it from the raw profiling data. (i.e. .ti3 file if you were using ArgyllCMS/DisplayCAL).

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Brilliant, thanks. It was made via displaycal and I do have the .ti3. I just did:

colorprof -v -as profilename

It worked, and it’s definitely faster in GIMP. It’s still a little slower than no profile at all, but I suppose that’s expected.

Compared to the LUT, the colors seem very close, though there is some shifting in the purple/red area… the main thing I notice is that the darker tones go noticeably darker using the matrix profile compared to the LUT.

Are there any other options I could/should include with colorprof to make things better?