Converted TIFFs coming out flat and unsaturated

I tried to use Rawtherapee to convert my NEFs to TIFFs to use in Gimp. Every converted photo comes out flat, unsaturated, and lacks contrast in comparison to the original. When I open the original in Rawtherapee, it looks just as washed out as the TIFF, but in Windows Photo Viewer, there is a stark difference. Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

Hi @twotimingterry, and welcome!

a) Windows – version?
b) RawTherapee – version? From where did you obtain it?
c) Could you please share a .NEF for us to check?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hello, I guess that your are processing your Nefs with the neutral profile. Try using the Default profile, or try (how’s that called again, I’m on my phone right now) that option to mimic the jpg that is embedded in your raw.
And be aware, no raw convertor in this world has that magic button that produces perfectly processed tiff’s. Converting raws the good way (that is, to your taste) is, and will always be, a manual process.

The Processing profile that @paulmatthijsse was looking for is called
Automatched curve.

And have a look here

the old windows-7 style ‘windows photo viewer’ is color-managed actually, the modern ‘photos’ ‘app’ is not.

When you open files in Rawtherapee, do you have your display-profile activated if you have one?

Otherwise I think you are saving files with a non-sRGB profile, and then opening / viewing them in a program without color management. Something like that.