cowboys and aliens

Here’s one for play that I find interesting (C&C welcome, BTW). I tried to give it a cinematic look, but I’m looking forward to seeing other interpretations!

DSC01047.ARW.arp (12.1 KB)
DSC01047.ARW (23.7 MB)

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Thanks for sharing a street scene, more than welcome.

Sorry, not ART.

DSC01047.ARW.xmp (12.2 KB) (dt 3.1.0)

why sorry? I’m older than 6, you know :wink:

Cinematic look:

DSC01047.ARW.arp (10,6 KB)


Cropped and tinted the shadows and highlights…DSC01047.ARW.arp (50.4 KB)

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Tough one…

cowboys.aliens.arw.xmp (8.2 KB) dartktable 3.0.1

Thanks for sharing!

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of course with ART

DSC01047.jpg.out.arp (11,3 KB)

DSC01047.ARW.xmp (8.7 KB)

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Darktable 3.0.1

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I’ve been working on my B&W skills and gave this night shot a try:

I used @ggbutcher’s rawproc for this edit.

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What do you mean by that?

My take.

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A @Joan_Rake1 -esque take!

Just and educated guess: Comments and Critique

DSC01047.ARW.xmp (9.7 KB)

Take 2. Last time was RT+G’MIC using only negative values. This time is PF+G’MIC with my standard workflow. (Both minimalist.)

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DSC01047.pfi (36.8 KB)

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Take 3. Similar to take 2 but B&W and more contrast.