cr2 files too dark in rawtherapee 5.8 ok in 5.6

I’m new here, but not inexperienced. After 53 years of photography and 37 years at the keyboard (on linux only last 4 years), I should be an expert… but this I can’t solve on my own.
I’m using RawTherapee since 2016, whichever version it was then. Few days ago the Ubuntu 20.04 came out and I got fresh everything, and RT went from 5.6 to 5.8. I see that many config files are fresh now and I don’t even know where the old files may have gone.
The 5.6 was crashing at times, effectively logging me out, but it worked. With 5.8, the images are just too dark, huge areas of them are at (0,0,0). Even those I already did with 5.6 and left sidecar files.
Tried all tricks with profiles, gamma/slope etc, tried reverting to 5.7, to no avail. Here’s how it looks.

Is it possible that nobody else had this problem?

Hi @Eugo! Could you please share one of your affected files + its corresponding pp3 sidecar file?

Here. Mind you, this was already perfectly rendered in 5.6, but the sidecar is new. So here are the cr2, and two sidecars - for this photo and for the next. I compared already, and I don’t see any significant difference between old and new sidecars.
E7024720-2020-05-05_14_55_32.CR2.pp3 (11.7 KB) E7024724-2020-05-05_18_56_46.CR2.pp3 (11.4 KB) E7024730-2020-05-05_22_19_56.CR2 (16.7 MB)

I see, this is actually a known problem specific to 5.8: Strange inverted colors when opening a raw file
If you use one of the more recent nightly builds, you should be able to see your files normally.

Thanks, it works!
The reason I didn’t find the other thread is its mention of “inverted colors” - well, they aren’t inverted. They were just too dark.

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Is this a bug that only affected .CR2 files? I also jumped straight from 5.6 to 5.8, but I shoot Fuji, and I didn’t run into this problem.

@Rick Yes, this bug only affected demosaiced mRAW and sRAW files, which are only available in a select few Canon cameras.

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