CR3 files & RawTherapee?

I have an R6. I am notified that work is being done for CR3 files in Darktable. I’ve used RT for years. I’m just wondering? Will RT be able to use CR3 files in the future? At the moment I’m opening them in Canon’s DPP & exporting them with their lens profile, and no sharpening/noise reduction etc. as a TIFF, which I can open in RT. I can reexport them as a TIFF-1 and do final adjustments in Gimp. RT is a brilliant OS converter, and I would like to be able to omit the DPP stage. I keep reading about Darktable & CR3, but nothing about RT & CR3. Can anyone give update news, please? I’m not so PC familiar, and unable to understand much of the tech. stuff on this great forum.

Please search the forum

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I’m not really understanding something. What am I missing? I did add Cr3 to Parsed extensions, as I read some while back. It’s in there now, at least in name. But if I try to open a Raw file I get a white page. There must be more than just typing in cr3 to Parsed extns. Sorry to be a pain. Perhaps this forum is way above my head. Ch.

Charles, I know this is not a direct answer but you know about ART perhaps… it’s a port, or modification (don’t know exactly how to call it) of RT that has full support for cr3 files. Since it’s basically RT underneath you may want to test it and see if you feel at home. (I am currently using ART while I wait for cr3 support in darktable).

Sorry if I was a bit blunt. For the R6 in particular, there is still an open bug report:

Will be fixed, hopefully soon…