Creating a collage with FOSS

(Rick Scheibner) #1

I need to create a collage of 4 images and would prefer to use a FOSS application. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I just need it to be I was looking around in digiKam for this feature but can’t find it. Thanks for whatever help you can offer me.

(ron) #2

Digicam uses ImageMagick as the back end. Here’s a collage done directly with ImageMagick at the command line:

About as simple as it gets.

  • Ron

Edit: Oops. Scratch that. You meant DigiKam. I don’t know what is the backend for that software.

(Rick Scheibner) #3

Thanks, I’m not used to using a command line much (although I’m certain I could learn it).

Work around: After messing around in digiKam, I went to print creator, arranged them close to how I needed them to be, and then output as an image file. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for my needs.

(Roberto) #4

You could try PhotoCollage. It’s simple but it works fine and is easy to use.


@Rick Try the G’MIC plugin in GIMP. A forum member was asking about it recently. Don’t mind the CLI part; it actually should be controlled via the GUI. See: GMIC CLI Montage Commands Between Versions.


Certainly can use Gimp and g’mic

(Rick Scheibner) #7

Thanks guys, I’ll check those resources out. I’ll look into G’MIC first; I didn’t know it had that feature.

(Rick Scheibner) #8

The G’MIC Montage was just what I needed. It took me about 10 minutes to learn how everything works, so it wasn’t too steep of a learning curve. Appreciate the recommendation on that.