Creating darktable issue with command line interface gh (instead of Github web page)

My browser is protected by well defined safety and privacy settings. Trying to create an issue at Github, it forces me to create an account, but this is impossible for me, because Github violates this safety and privacy rules in several respects. For this reason I can’t use the web interface and I’m looking for an alternative way.

I found the information that there is a new offical CLI called gh since spring this year ( and specifically gh issue create | GitHub CLI).

Has someone experiences with this tool and can give an example how to use it to file a bug for darktable ? I think I could work it out myself by “trial and error”, but I want to avoid messing up the issues list.

You will also need a github account to be able to create an issue using that command line interface.
So, this will probably not solve your problem.
And if you don’t want to create a github account, I think the best you can do is to join the darktable mailing list (if this is in the limits of your safety and privacy rules)

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I’m sure it would be ok for you to post it here and someone can paste it onto github for you. I’m happy to volunteer if I’m able to reproduce it.

Indeed, if an account is needed even if I use the cli then nothing is achieved. Thank you for the hint, I was not aware of this. The problem is not the account, but the Github website(s) to create an account. Github is using about a dozen cookies, masses of scripts, many of them for tracking, and, and, and …
I’m already registered in the developers mailing list and have posted bugs there. But one member bashed me doing so. He requested me strongly to use Github issues, without any comprehension for my well-founded reservations. Therefore I’m trying to find an alternative to keep it as easy and convenient as possible for the developers.
Thank you @elstoc for offering support.

You could also start a browser with a completely blank profile, create a github account with that browser instance, trash the profile and continue with the CLI version.
Something like:

mkdir /tmp/ff-trash && firefox --profile /tmp/ff-trash --no-remote && rm -rf /tmp/ff-trash

There are ways for github to use browser fingerprinting and so on. But this would already reduce the amount of information given to them.
And I don’t know of any issue tracking system that does not require an account creation.

I think there is a lot of FUD here. For me github only uses assets from their own domains.

the only questionable cookie is _device_id but this is useful from the security standpoint so they can track “login from a new device”. So I would even say this one is ok.

EFF privacy badger is 100% happy with the site.
ublock origin blocks 2 requests

  • (From the query string it looks like their own statistic tool so they dont have to rely on 3rd parties)

So I don’t know.


I refer to containing a long list of companies they are sharing data with, and a list of cookies, not all needed to create an account. But I don’t want to kick off a discussion about privacy. I had bad experiences and have taken consequences.
My question had the only purpose to find the most convenient way, accepted by the developers, to post an issue without using the Github web pages.

Not all those services are involved with basic services.