Creating HDR in dt

One question: What If I take a picture, import it into dt, duplicate it several times, add steps of exposure on each of the duplicates, and finally press the button “create HDR” - will the created dng be HDR?

thx for your answers

As far as I understand this, it would be something like exposure fusion.

But for me it is not really clear what “HDR” means. The camera raws are HDR but the display is not (even “HDR” displays are quite limited compared to camera sensors).

No. You need multiple independent shots (not duplicates) to increase SNR.

Yeah, what he’s describing sounds a lot like using exposure fusion for tonemapping - and you definitely do NOT want to use it for generating a DNG.

If your goal is a high-SNR DNG, you need separate exposures from a camera in bracketing mode - you can feed those to HDRMerge to create a high-dynamic-range DNG for further processing in the tool of your choice. It is a completely and totally different use case.

The fusion implementation in the basecurve module has some serious issues, if you want to do tonemapping via synthetic exposure fusion like Google does, you need to export the multiple exposures and feed them to enfuse.

Darktable has a lua-script called enfuse.lua. You can handle different duplicates and combine them to tiff.

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