crop ratio 10:8

I know I can temporarily add a crop ratio of 10:8 (or 5:4) however is there a way to permanently add this as an option ?

It seems to be a standard ratio and one I use on a regular basis so this would be very useful.


Be aware that you can always untick Lock ratio and completely free define your ratio. You will then have to calculate the pixels by yourself, but it’s not that hard.

There is also a little trick that allows you to just enter the ratio instead of pixel size:

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Thanks for the video, that is exactly what I do now. Nice photo by the way.

I thought the 4:5 in the drop down was different from 5:4 however if I select 4:5 then manually enter the width as 1000 then the height is automatically set to 800 i.e. 10:8 or 5:4.

Thanks for this !

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@Phil_Smith, just in case:

Although @apostel338’s way has a few very nice applications you might be able to do it simpler depending on your needs.

4:5 and 5:4 are basically the same thing. After setting the ration to 4:5, the only option in the pull-down menu, you can switch to 5:4 by setting the right most As image pull down to the opposite orientation of your image (if it is landscape set it to portrait and vice-versa).

You can still use the width and height section to set your size for one side and the other is auto generated.

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4:5 and 5:4 are exactly the same thing in this context: the orientation is set automatically if you use “As Image”, there’s no need to invert it (unless that’s what you want of course). I think 4:5 was picked as a label just because it’s more common.


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Thanks all, this is really helpful and simplifies my cropping process.