cropping and resize problem

(Syv) #1

Same problem with both RT5.4 appimage & RT5.5-dev appimage

I’m having problem between the cropping and the image resize.

I need the final image to be height: 3400 px and the width: 2400px, so I enter the resize amounts and I get a file, that’s is 3400 by 2400. Right now I get: 3400 by 2263.

Here are my settings:

How can I get my 3400 by 2400?



(Sebastien Guyader) #3

I think you need to set the custom crop window to the same aspect ratio as 3400x2400 (around 1.417), then when you can set the resize bounding box to 3400x3400, it will resize to 3400x{almost}2400. Tweaking the aspect ratio can hopefully get you to exactly 3400x2400.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Define 3400×2400 as a custom crop ratio then resize to 3400×2400 and you’re done.

When is the crop tool going to get fixed?
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