Cute dog photo with Cool PC in the background

This picture was taken under horrible yellow-warm LED light so I’ve processed it at 3150K to preserve that feeling. Processed with experimental raw program. If I remember correctly there was some difficulties with this picture in other programs.

Try it out!

P1200380.RW2 (18.6 MB)

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I think my DT 3.7 - or my skills - reaches its limits.

P1200380.RW2.xmp (11.7 KB)

For comparison, this is what DxO Photolab does, which I only have for denoise, if at all.

PL works better on some problematic areas.

I wonder if someone will submit some magic DT tricks to handle these areas.

I think I was able to do better.

Edit: Just found out, that denoise with wavelets causes some problems too.

P1200380.RW2.xmp (11.7 KB)

P1200380.RW2.xmp (17.6 KB)

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dog.light.pp3 (24.7 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

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