Dark problems...

Ok,here is the question guys! I’ve almost finish editing a problematic RAW image. I think I made the best I could BUT! Always this but…If you look carefully you’ll notice at the upper edges some shadows at the sky that ruin my image and I want to make them go away and have the same chromatic tone as the rest of the sky. How can I fix this locally? I’m newbie so I apologize if my question is very simple…Btw I made autocorrect to fix barrel distortion from my lens so the dark edges are not from there…

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You didn’t share your RAW so this is based on the 3 Coolpix P1000 RAWs I have in my collection:

It seems that this corner darkness shows up in all (well, the 2 out of 3 I have and yours) examples. Depending on the edits done it might be more or less intense. This camera is in the lensfun database, but I’m not sure if the data is correct or correctly applied by RT (I’m tending towards wrong data, darktable also shows this darkening, although a bit less).

But I think you can mitigate or remove it completely though:

Transform tab → Vignetting Correction → Amount

If I set amount to (+)43 the corner darkness disappears. Your amount might be slightly different depending on the edits you have already done.

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DSCN2051.NRW (25.2 MB)
Ok…These are early signs of Alzheimer I think…Instead of uploading the RAW file I uploaded the original jpg file that was generated by the camera. I’ll try your advice to see what will come out. Although if I recall the vignetting effect in other programs was applied evenly at the image,but - as I said -other programs. Thank you mate for helping me at my first steps.

I’ll continue experimenting with vignetting correction tomorrow. At first glance It seems that I don’t achieve exactly what I want cause I’m brightening the sides too much. It seems working better than the vignette filter at exposure tab though. Perhaps I compromise with a bit brighter sides for a darker center because that’s where the greenhouses are and most of the details and It’s more important for me to keep this part of the image dark.

Here’s a quick effort in ART…Less sky as its not recoverable…maybe a good candidate for a sky swap…

and DT 3.7

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That one is, basically, for artistic purposes although it can be used to get rid of some lens vignetting as well. The 2 vignetting options present in the Transform tab, are lens correction specific.

You’re still new to RawTherapee so maybe the following isn’t an options as of yet, but… RawTherapee can use Flat-field Correction. You have to create these yourself, though. The section of RawPedia I linked to tells you all the ins-and-outs about it.

EDIT: Just had a look at your RAW file: The top left is a problem area, but an overall better result can be achieved with Vignetting Correction and Distortion Correction (auto). Not sure what to do with the top left (flat-field might help here). If it is really important you could drag the end-result into GIMP/Krita and fix it there.

BTW: This is not a vignetting problem, but a distortion problem.

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I used raw black point to improve colors and painted on the sky.
Lensfun correction plus some more vignetting correction. Could not fix the upper left of the sky.

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Priort thank you for the time you spent on my photo,I really appreciate it. I love your delicate touch and one of my thoughts is the simple thing you did at the first photo to crop that part of the sky.

Jade_NL I have frequently at my wide angle photos barrel distortion and I correct it automatically in RawTherapee as I did with this one. I will study the flat-field feature to see if I can use it at the top left.

Gaaned92 thank you for the effort I really like your artistic touch. For the top left either I’ll crop it as Priort suggested or I will try to use the flat-field tool Jade_NL proposed.

Lensfun is missing vignetting correction data for Coolpix P1000.

Here is how to create it for one focal length

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Thank you Peter I will see it when I find time. For that particular photo maybe I try with some brush or eraser to fix the upper left corner in Gimp,as well.

Hi, @JonnyBaz, did you use a lens hood (g*-translation for: Streulichtblende)? I once got a similar result when using a lens hood, which wasn’t attached correctly.

Just a thought. maybe use Nikon’s software, NX Studio.

Hello @marter . At the beginning the RAW file was like in the png file I uploaded. First thing I did was from the transform tab,I went to distortion correction and I pressed “automatic”.

@gwaugh I know the program,I have it in my computer. But I want to learn RawTherapee.

@JonnyBaz i mean: when taking the picture, was there a lens hood installed in front of the lens?

If I remember well, because it was March, the weather was cloudy, so no.

ok, for a “repair” in RT i suggest two possibilities. Using RT dev 5.8-3049 I took your edit and added the following functions:

either you can use the spot removal tool:

DSCN2051_spot.out.jpg.out.pp3 (18,4 KB)

or you can also use the local adjustments:

DSCN2051_LA.out.jpg.out.pp3 (18,4 KB)

both solutions are quick and dirty but for most cases they can help :slight_smile:

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Your welcome. Its always fun to see what can be achieved. There was a lot of sky and not really much data there so cropping to me was a good choice leaving a 16:9 photo, with the side benefit that it got rid of the problem area :slight_smile: