darktable 2.4.2 in Windows not Exporting



Hi! I was previously able to export images in 2.4.1, but now after using 2.4.2, will only export randomly. It is saying unhandled exception occured & writing backtraces. I am exporting jpg & have tried Tiff, but neither will properly export. It also says something about ‘shadhi?’ sometimes & will export 1 & then says its unhandled the next time. I have no clue what to do about it, but liked using darktable up to this point, so hopefully somebody knows what to do?

(Mica) #2

Please post the backtraces!


Okay… here they are. I think. Not very familiar with this so hopefully what you mean?

darktable_bt_YRJRGZ.txt (8.7 KB)


darktable_bt_HE72GZ.txt (6.8 KB)

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I believe that’s it, thanks. First thing I check when windows troubleshooting is to make sure the antivirus software isn’t interfering with things. Can you do that please?


I don’t run any except whatever is built into Windows. What am I looking for?

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You want to make sure there is an exception for darktable in Windows Defender.


Okay! Was not allowed, now is allowed. Tried to export, still the same.


And how does that change affect your exports?


Still doing the same thing, unfortunately. Unhandled exception… writes backtrace.


@Marli: could you share the image in question and the XMP file ? Based on the first backtrace it seems to be a problem with the Framing module.
The second is more difficult, I have no good idea yet,


I 1st encountered it with a photo I put a frame on & wondered if it is the frame module causing it. It did export as Tiff, but after testing it, won’t export randomly. I checked the memory & it stays at about 1/2 whether it exports or not. Anyway, resized pic & xmp below. (Original was 6000x4000) The frame is wide White with grey line, not quite showing in pic for me except along the left side.

DSC_0041_03.NEF.xmp (9.3 KB)