Darktable 2.7 and trackpad trouble

Darktable 2.7 and my thinkpad trackpad are not interacting well. Darktable seems only to respond to left trackpad “mouse” clicks. For example on the crop and rotate
function, the draw a straight line and level feature does not appear with the right trackpad click while this does work fine on the desktop with a mouse. I also do not get any scroll with the mouse wheel functions with the trackpad. I’ve explored all the trackpad options on my linux Mint laptop but can not seem to get right click features to work. Do others with linux laptop trackpads get these features to function?

IMHO using a track pad is a terrible way to edit. Likely this problem has something to do with your driver, perhaps it’s detecting multi tap?

Turns out the linux Mint 19.2 does not install the synaptic package with the trackpad drivers. Got it installed and seems like everything works now. Even the Darktable leveling feature in crop and rotate.

It’s definitely not ideal, but sometimes you’re in a situation that is ergonomically terrible with no place to put a proper mouse.

Or you’re like me (potential mild undiagnosed ADHD?) and will pick up the laptop at random when Netflix is paused to knock a few images off of your backlog…

When I used my laptop more heavily, I used two hands for the trackpad for cursor intensive tasks: The right index for the cursor and the left hand for the left/right clicks. That worked decently well.