darktable 3.0.1 compilation issues.

Hi all, I am trying to compile 3.0.1 on Ubuntu 19.10, but getting a problem with the clang-9 dependency. Can’t seem to install it (apt tells me it has broken dependencies and fixing broken packages does not help). I saw that clang was listed in the optional dependencies line on the darktable wiki. Does that mean I can compile without it? Any clue as how to do that in cmake? Do I need to make some edits to the build.sh script or some config file somewhere? Thanks for any clues!

Any reason why you compile yourself instead of using the packages? Is there any bug with them?

I can’t help with the second part (compiling without clang), but I had no problem installing clang-9 on (K)Ubuntu 19.10. Package version installed was 1:9-2, and it was in the regular repositories. You’re probably seeing a symptom of a wider problem on your installation.

In my case, I had to compile it during the months around 3.0 release where the PPA was not updated and the OBS was having problems. Now that I have all in place to compile it myself is not harder to do it than updating via OBS, but I’m guessing that by compiling it I can take advantage of any code optimization for my system. But I have not run any side by side test on the same version to check it…

That should be much less needed since darktable uses target_clone

@darix No particular reason. Just killin’ time whilst sheltering in place! Plus, I have been trying to avoid PPA’s lately, as they pretty much always cause problems eventually.

@guille2306 Hmm… Dunno why I’m having these issues as this is a pretty recent clean install. I guess it’s technically Pop!_OS instead of pure Ubuntu, but that shouldn’t be the issue.

Sometimes apt just tells you something has broken dependencies because by default it won’t uninstall or replace another package. I’ve found synaptic is a bit more ‘intelligent’ and gives you the option to do that, or at least shows you where the broken dependency is.

@guille2306 Thanks for that tip! Synaptic suggested it was an issue with my gcc installation. Will try to mess with that, but if I don’t get any further, might just give up and try the PPA. :smile: