Darktable 3.0 tastes good. Even for cell phone pics

I just a few minutes ago built darktable 3.0 from source, on Mint Linux Tessa.

This is quick edit on a cell phone jpeg, from a three day river camping float this summer (I didn’t take my camera). I have a lot to learn about new features and about the updated interface. So far I like it a lot. The new Filmic module is great.

Thank you developers. We ate the catfish by the way. It too was good stuff.

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How did you cook it? Any recipes?


Here’s another cell phone photo of the same fish a few hours later (this image not edited with Darktable.

My camping buddy filleted it and rolled it in an egg batter made with crushed potato chips salt and pepper. I baked the potatoes and corn in tin foil, in a covered pot on a propane camp stove (we try not to leave a fire ring behind).

Darktable 3.0 is really cool.