darktable 3.4 Thumbnails and Clean Up Collections

I have 2 questions that I cannot seem to find the answers for in the new darktable 3.4 manual, and any help would be appreciated.

First, after I import a folder with several images, how to do I view them as thumbnails? All of the images are imported, but I have to scroll through each image to view them.

Next question, I would like to clean up files, directories etc in “Collect Images” and “Recently Used Collection”. Is there a way to do that?

Thank you

Those are the thumbnails in lightable. You can change the size and quality of them in preferences…They are also stored in a folder…mipmaps located in user\appdata\local\Microsoft\inetcache or $HOME/.cache/darktable/mipmaps-xyz.d in linux .There are often multiple sizes of the thumbnails cached…

Do you maybe have the slider at the bottom set to one?? Here i currently have mine on 4 so I get rows of 4

In Preferences, under Lighttable, Thumbnails, all I have for settings are

Color Management, which is checked, Don’t use embedded preview jpeg but half size raw, which is unchecked ( i just import raw), High Quality thumb processing from size, shows always, Delimiters for size category, shows 120|400, and then Pattern for thumbnail extended overlay and Pattern for the thumbnail tool tip. Both show what look to be paths of some type.

I haven’t found anything else pertaining to Thumbnails except under cpu/gpu/memory. Memory in megabytes to use for thumbnail cache, shows 250, Enable disk blackened for full preview cache which is un checked.

I have no slider at all.

I’m running Windows 8.1

Thank you

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Is your problem that your seeing only one at a time?? Can you provide a screenshot…there are 3 modes for viewing thumbs in light table and a slider right down at the bottom of the screen…culling mode file manager mode and zoomable lighttable

I guess me last message did not go through for some reason. I do have a slider and it was hidden. After I found that, now I can see all of the thumbnail images.
Thank you