Darktable and auto backing up

I’m looking to automate my photo library backup process. I was planning to use something like Cobian Backup.

Does anyone know if dt uses the “Archive” property when edits are made?


I’d guess no, but you could add a custom xmp tag via lua of that is what you’re referring to.

Thanks paperdigits. I had some time tonight to setup a small folder and test things out. I’m happy to report that dt actually does use the archive bit in file properties.

For those that are unfamiliar, there is a checkbox in file properties labeled “Archive” or “File ready for archiving”. When the box is checked it signifies to a backup program that this file has been modified and needs to be backed up / updated in the backup. Once the backup program processes the file it will clear out the check mark, thus ignoring the file in the future until the check mark turns back on, signifying the file has been modified.

In Cobian Backup this logic is specified when creating a new task as: “Use file attribute logic”

To clarify, this means then that whenever you make an edit to a picture, or change edits on a previously edited picture, the .xmp file will have it’s “archive” bit turned on, and thus a backup program will archive the .xmp. The original raw file does not change, so it does not need it’s backup updated. :+1:

Oh, that is nice!