Darktable can't see my displays


This is the only app the that can eliminate the chromatic aberrations from my Nikon 24-200 Lens which occur occasions, so I would like to get installed with all of the items below working.

I am starting to use darktable on my Mac Pro running Monterey 12.3. The app works great but I can’t get it to detect my displays ICC profiles.

I tried creating the “color/out” folders in both the App/contents/resources/darktable into which I dropped the display icc profiles. I suspect the manual instructions on how to this are for Linux and not mac, so darktable doesn’t assign them when I try to set the display screen at the bottom of the lighttable view.

The have calibrated icc profiles for my displays located in ~user/library/colorsync/display folder. How can I redirect darktable to look in this folder so I can select them?

Also I would like to select profile for my Z7II camera and 24-200 lens so the input color profile module doesn’t keep selecting sRGB. Here again the combination doesn’t show as a selection in the module drop down?I don’t have to keeping selecting it. I have read the manual twice and watched a weeks worth of videos to no avail, so would appreciate any help I could get please?

Also when I open a raw file it already shows a history even after I have deleted, the app, the .config (darktable folder), the .cache (darktable folder), xmp files and reinstalled the application. Where are all of the files associated with darktable located on the mac

How can I do a complete uninstall so I know even the history has been cleared?


The configuration and operation files of darktable.pdf (183.9 KB)

You want $HOME/.config/darktable/color/in.

Thank you for your response I will review tomorrow and respond back


Thanks for your response. I created the mentioned folder but it did not solve my problem. I am using mac so does this still apply? If so why when I created it did it not show my displays?

Where do the ICC profile folders need to be placed for Darktable to see them? Can I direct the app to the color sync folder on my Mac? if so How?

Thanks Again

in is for input color profiles and out is for working and output profiles.

User configuration for Linux and macOS are the same.

You could use a symlink to point one folder at the other, if that’s what you want to do.

I don’t know why it isn’t working. Its working fine for me using Linux.

Why do you need the display profiles in darktable? Osx usually does the job for you…

And if osx does the job, you certainly don’t want darktable to apply the correction a second time (that’s what display profiles are: corrections for deviations in colour reproduction by your display).

OK thanks

I will leave as is, It is just the application keeps changing the out and in to sRGB, which I don’t want


Thanks again

I will read today

I will get back if I need more help



Can you make screenshots of what you mean ?
Makes it easier to assist.
(Ps, i would not leave your email address behind in a public forum , but that’s me ).

Output profile in the ‘output module’ is set per file , so every file has a setting. It defaults to sRGB , which for output seems reasonable .

In the export you can override this if you don’t want to bother with setting it.

‘input profile’ seems highly unlikely that it’s set to sRGB , this is normally set to ‘standard matrix’ or something similar. This is the 'camera profile ’ so to speak. No camera has sRGB as input profile I’m guessing :wink:.

If you want to use your own camera profile , it needs to be ICC and not DCP and needs to be placed in color/in (the directory other people gave you . $HOME is also valid with macos I’m guessing , but it’s for in the terminal. It’s your home folder . The ‘.config’ should be there but might be hidden (that is what the dot in front signals ).

Using dcp profiles for other software packages in Darktable is not straight forward.

@spiderpod7d Just to make sure we’re clear what we are talking about here:
Is your question about colour spaces like sRGB or adobeRGB,
or about screen/display profiles, usually valid for one particular screen (or at best one model).

Unfortunately, both are stored in .icc files…

Hi Jorismak

I was talking about both. Yes you’re right I have over written it in export

As for the display profiles they are in my colorsync folder on my mac so I guess I don’t need to have them selected in darktable do do I?

Thanks, for the heads up about email address, I was answering from email not the forum itself. Won’t do that any more.