darktable-cli: processing a folder

Hello, somehow I’m acting stupid and I always get an error message. I just want to use the darktable-cli to export a folder containing raw files - using a style xyz - to TIFF 16 bit.

The following is given:

  • Windows 10
  • input-Folder is “abc”, containing several .RW2 files
  • use style “xyz”
  • output should be 16 bit TIFF in the same folder or an extra folder

No matter what I do, I always get:
Magick: caught exception 0xC0000005 "Access violation"...

Often i get some mismatched unicodes, maybe this is a problem with a german language setting?

Trying only one file in the same folder where i call the cli works. So, the files themselves should be ok.

Can you please give me this simple line?

What is the command line invocation you used?

You can generally check out the options here: darktable 4.2 user manual - darktable-cli