darktable Collect Images and Collapse Group behavior

(Kevin E) #1


I noticed a behavior I did not expect in darktable today. When collecting images by tag I filtered on a specific tag (one which I know I had applied to images previously), but it said there were no images. After a few minutes I determined that it was because the images were in a group, and the group was collapsed. If I expand all groups the images show back up, but if I collapse the group then they disappear.

I think this behavior is somewhat counter-intuitive and it may be worth considering something to the effect of ignoring whether an image is in a group or not when performing “collect images” type operations.

In this instance it was obvious to me that something was wrong because I had absolutely no images. But in a scenario where 95% of your images show up properly and only a few are in groups that get hidden, it would be easy to overlook the fact that some images are missing.

I can open a ticket if people agree this behavior is undesirable.

Running dt 2.4.1 on Win 10.

(Eduardo Battaglia) #2

I agree, a ticket would be appreciated.

(Kevin E) #3

Issue created in redmine: