darktable cropping tool not precise?


I have noticed the following thing: I am using the cropping tool in darktable and I set it to e.g. 4400x3300 pixels. When exporting, I usually do not get a picture which is 4400x3300 pixels but instead 2399x3299 pixels. Apparently, the only way to get a picture which measures exactly 4400x3300 pixels is setting the cropping tool to a size which is about at least 10 pixels larger and then setting maximal size to 4400x3300 in lighttable (export settings). Is this a bug?
I am using darktable 2.4.4 for Windows.

Regards from Vienna

(Thomas) #2

Are you sure that the aspect ratio of your cropping is correct? An image of 8800x6600 pixels can be reduced to 4400x3300 pixels, an image of 8800 x 6598 can not. If you set a size of 4400x0 or 0x3300 at least one dimension should be correct.


@Thomas_Do Thanks, that’s it! I think my camera’s original apect ratio is not exactly 4:3.

(Thomas) #4

Mine is supposed to be 3:2 but really is 3:1.973802395 :wink:.