darktable data.db read-only?

I’ve just noticed something very strange: since I was unable to create a new preset, I checked the console under Linux and there was an error message regarding data.db being read-only. I then confirmed that using ls -l. The strange thing is that the same file became read-only on the Windows laptop, too (I do not know, when). The two were running rather different versions of darktable (on Linux, always the current master, updated daily; on Windows, one of the ‘insider’ builds, but I did not update that in the past few weeks).

I do not sync data between the two.

Anyone with similar issues?

I haven’t noticed anything like that - have noticed a couple of oddities regarding copying and pasting history stacks but haven’t quite worked out if it’s user error yet.

Sounds weird. :alien:

I fell for this also. The setting in the lighttable (append or overwrite) is effective, I think. Even when copy-pasting per mouseover in the darkroom filmstrip. At least when I took a close look, it seemed to work :man_shrugging:

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