darktable database locked error Linux Mint install (resolved)

Due to the premature death of my Windows Laptop I have switched to using a desktop with Linux Mint installed. DT is working fine on it but when I start DT it comes up telling me my database is locked. I then have to release the database lock files and restart DT. This seems just a minor inconvenience, but I am confused why it might be happening. I am shutting down DT before closing down the computer.

I have had this problem with my windows computer but that was casued by clicking the DT icon too many times when initiating the program. his seems to happen everytime. Also in Windows I could find an image in my file explorer and tell it to open in DT (which was normally already activated). However, when I try similar actions in Linux it gives the DT database lock files error even if DT is already running.

I just tested my Linux Mint laptop and it functions fine and right clicking on an image allows me to then directly open the image in Darktable. So this problem is to do with my desktop installation only.

How did you install darktable?

I used the flatpack found via darktables download page.

Usually when you get lock files it means darktable isn’t exiting cleanly.

You can start the flatpak from the command line with flatpak run org.darktable.Darktable -d all. Close the application, then post the output from the terminal here.

Thanks for trying to help me with this problem. I hang my head in shame. The issue appears to I be was double clicking (windows style) on the darktable icon to start the program, so it is trying to execute start up twice and therefore throws up the error message. Darktable programmers will never be able to code out the idiot factor. Hopefully I am on top of this issue now.


You can probably configure your Mint desktop to open files with a double click. Linux is more configurable than Windows.


Hi Kofa, slightly off topic but what country are yu located in. I am in Tasmania Australia.

I’m from Hungary and live in Switzerland.

Note: you may have to refine the search query based on your Mint desktop variant (Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce, or even KDE if you installed that manually).