darktable does not see my external 2TB hard drive plugged into my Mac

I am new to Darktable and not a s/w engineer. Although my external HD can be seen on the Mac desktop as an icon, and is accessible via Finder, Darktable does not see it at all. This is a pity since I have left Adobe Lightroom and wanted to replace it with something that I could use as easily. All my photos are on the external HD and would want to import them to Darktabe with that same external HD as the destination. I can’t do anything unless I copy pictures on the Mac’s HD which I don’t want to do a general solution going forwards since they will take up too much space. Any help anyone can give would be gratefully accepted! BTW I think I have the latest version of Darktable (3.0).

What version of macOS? Generally external drives are located under /Volumes/<your drive name>/.

Catalina 10.5.3

You may need to grant read/write permission to DT in the security settings of Catalina. Then check the path I listed above.

If the hard drive really is only 2 GB, it must be about 25 years old.

Sorry I want 2terra bytes

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Corrected title to TB and darktable. :slight_smile:

Are you able to mount the drive and open files in other apps? A wild guess is that dt might not be getting the mounted address.