darktable for Windows



Yes, you GPU is working properly:
[opencl_summary_statistics] device 'GeForce GT 620' (0): 6936 out of 6936 events were successful and 0 events lost

(Mike Romanov) #302

Export of PNG(16) is slow, export of TIFF(16) is very-very-very-very slow. It’s not HDD, 'cause i use a RAM-drive. Although OpenCL checkbox is ON, GPU load is 0% but CPU - 25% (1 core).
And export is impossible when the path contains non-ascii simbols.

DT 2.4.0rc0
Win 7x64

(Pascal Obry) #303

About the slowness of tiff export this has been reported in a French forum. It looks like it affects the Windows version since on Linux it is quite fast. No idea why though as I’m not involved in the Windows port at all.

(Mike Romanov) #304

Where is it?


The export to paths with non-ASCII characters, for JPEG that works, right?

(Marco) #306

Hello everybody,

I am trying to use darktable for windows.

the software crashes when I try to import .raf images.
Anyone encountered the same problem?
any solution?

(Pascal Obry) #307

@mikrom There: https://darktable.fr/forum/showthread.php?tid=2027

(Tobias) #308

Do you have an example .raf image, that crashes.


When darktable crashed, did it tell you about a backtrace it wrote to disk? If so, we would like to see that file.

(Laurentia Art) #310

Following the installation of the latest wacom driver, I just had a traceback with the 2.4 RC1. DT shut down and then restarted without problems and the tablet is working well.

darktable_bt_SHC3AZ.txt (8.8 KB)

Win 10 1709

(Mike Romanov) #311

Only for TIFF does not work.


Is this a problem which you can repro, or was a one-off? If you can repro, pls let us know what are the steps to reproduce.

(Marco) #313


I do not see any message about a “backtrace”. Is there a specific place where I should look for it?

(Marco) #314

I have the image.
I am uploading it hereDSCF9612.RAF (24.9 MB)

hope you can help!


(Peter Cripps) #315

I downloaded Marco’s .RAF file. It opens without problem in the Linux version of 2.4.0~rc0. However, with the Windows version it opens, but then crashes almost immediately. So at least the problem seems to be reproducable.


I have downloaded it too, and opened it with dt rc0 and rc1, without any problem. Could any of you share the backtrace file which has been produced as dt has crashed?

(Laurentia Art) #317

No, I can not reproduce it. As I said, it only happened once and the following launches went well.

I transmitted this traceback because it exists and can be revealing a hidden problem, without more.

(Gerd) #318

I’m a new user with darktable and do not have so much experience with it, my experience is Lightroom till 6.13. I’m using DT to find out the differences and if it delivers better results.
Now the actual (may be) problem with the .RAF:
I can open and edit and export it without problems.
My equipment:
a notebook Lenovo Y720 with 16 GB memory, a 256 GB system SSD, a 1 TB data HD and a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. The NVIDIA activity tool shows me, that DT is using it.
My notebook runs with Windows 10 64-bit Home ver 1709.

(Peter Cripps) #320

Peter, this morning I was able to open the .RAF without problems. This time, though, I imported it through the usual darktable dialog. Yesterday, when it crashed, I was right-clicking on the downloaded file, and specifying ‘open with darktable’. Perhaps this is a clue?

Ha! I just tried opening another file, .ORF this time, using the right-click procedure … and it crashed. That file also opens fine via the import dialog. Don’t know if this has anything to do with Marco’s problem.

I’m afraid you’ll need to tell me how to generate a backtrace in WIndows. Now if it was Linux I think I could do that!

(Laurentia Art) #321

finally, tonight the same problem has occurred.
The approach is simple: after the first startup of the PC, at the first launch of DT, the light table is displayed and very quickly the window announcing the traceback opens. By clicking OK, DT closes. The following launches are OK.
So exactly like yesterday. It seems that it is necessary to shutdown the pc and re turn on it so that the problem returns.
I changed the driver of the Wacom because the old one no longer displayed the control panel of the tablet since Win 10 1709.
Win 10 Home 1709 - Wacom driver 6.3.25-5.

Regardsdarktable_bt_PHYEBZ.txt (8.8 KB)