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(Gerd) #322

I get not sharp pictures in the lighttable after I have edited (sharpend, rotated and croped) them, lighttable is set to zoomable and I zoom to max (=fullscreen). In this view I can switch via left or right arrow to other (not edited) pictures and these are sharp. Also if I e.g. only rotate a little bit a picture, back in lighttable it is no longer sharp. Do I make something wrong? It’s DT Windows 2.4.0rc0 …


That looks like an exiv2 bug. Please upload the image (just drag&drop it to the editor window here in the forum, like the backtrace).


Maybe dt just needs a while to generate the preview? What if you go to another image, wait for a few seconds and go back – is it then sharp?

(Gerd) #325

It does not help to wait, also a restart of dt doesn’t help, picture stays not sharp. I have the feeling it has something to do with the zoom function … as of the small standard preview picture has a fixed size and that is zoomed then above 100%.


(Gerd) #326

… and the unsharp effect happens with every picture, old ones, new ones, jpg’s, raw’s …



What’s your screen resolution?

(Gerd) #329

Screen resolution of my monitor is 1200x1920 (native) and my notebook, where I also see this unsharpness effect has 1080x1920.


Besides seeing rotated monitors not that often I don’t think this should cause any problems.

Please try to locate darktable’s cache folder (on older Windows versions it’s in c:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary Internet Files/) and open the mipmaps folder inside. There go to the subfolder 4 and check the size of the images in there.

(Gerd) #331

I found it here:
C:\Users\gebar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\darktable\mipmaps-68919b1c3607ca58a4c6dda12d9a585395a80e02.d\ and then subfolder 0 - 3.
In 3 (the 4th) the pictures have different sizes: 599x450 but also 1199x900 …

This is a funny folder … the images, where I was working on are sometimes visible there and then they disappear and will not created again, also if I redo the same steps …

OK, I have now deleted the images in sub folder 3, only looked at one image in lighttable and then dt closed. After that a small copy of this pic was created with a size of 600x460.

(Laurentia Art) #332

Hi, no image selected. This is a screencopy when the problem happened.
This morning, the problem is happened twice, I have to delete the .lock files then dt works well.


Please rename C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\darktable\library.db and then import a single image at a time and see for which one it crashes. Send me that file. Once you are done you can delete the newly created library.db and restore the old one.


Very strange. What is your preference setting for “memory in megabytes to use for thumbnail cache”? It’s in the “core options” tab.

When deleting the while mipmaps folder, then starting dt fullscreen (F11), does it generate reasonably sized thumbnails?

(Gerd) #335

I’ve tried all settings with all ways the same unsharp result. Is there something I can reset in dt?

(Laurentia Art) #336

It will be very long! There are more than 900 images in this folder

(Christian Kanzian) #337

I think darktable starts to load and generate the previews more or less in the order the appear on the screen in lighttable mode? So the issue starts already on the first images?
Are there any other files then NEF or JPG in the folder like LR xmp files?

Maybe it is faster to copy the files into a seperate folder in chunks of 10 or 20 so and reimport the folder after every copy. Once you know which set of 10 or 20 causes the crash you can investigate them separately.


Yes, this seems like an exiv2 problem.

(Laurentia Art) #339

Yes, I thought about it too.
So I moved 36 NEFs alone to another folder and re-imported this folder into a new library. The crash occurred.
I only retained the first 18, still in a new library: no crash.
I started again with the following 18, same manipulation: no crash!
Finally I started again with the 36 images, still in a new library: the crash occurred!
I deduce that the problem does not come from an image … but I’m wrong maybe.
This is the only folder of quite large volume that I imported, but there 36 images is really very little.

(Laurentia Art) #340

Can you see my answer to pk5dark ?
darktable_bt_JJ88AZ.txt (8.8 KB)


I know. I filed http://dev.exiv2.org/issues/1330 so let’s see what they have to say.


Waited for this version for years. Absolutely amazing Software and port. Up to now (90.000 Pics imported) no errors on my computer.

Lightroom days in supscription land are history. :yum:

Thx a lot and carry on