darktable for Windows


(Laurentia Art) #343

Thank you very much for your action about my problem (I saw the RC2 release notes)!
I have another problem with a conditional preset on the input profile discovered this morning.
At each newly opened image in the dark room, the preset applies well and immediately after, the default profile applies. The problem is reported in a French forum here : https://darktable.fr/forum/showthread.php?tid=2055

Is this behavior normal?

(Hugo) #344

Many thanks for this Windows port! I’m hoping to be able to transfer over from Lightroom once my current subscription expires.

However, I just installed the latest version (rc2) and I can’t get it to work: a few seconds after opening, darktable complains of an unhandled exception and quits, writing the following log file: https://pastebin.com/sn0SAynv

Weirdly enough (I checked specifically): before opening darktable for the first time after installing, the file libgio-2.0-0.dll which the log complains about definitely exists in the darktable/bin folder. After the error, it’s gone.

Same thing happened with rc1.

(Hugo) #345

Small update: I realized that my graphics driver had been uninstalled at some point, somehow.
Having now updated the driver, I get the same crashing error in darktable but the log is slightly simpler: https://pastebin.com/5zFN8BW2


By default there is no input color profile put into the history stack. Do you maybe have two competing default profiles? Or are there XMP files for the raws that already contain an input color profile entry?


First of all, files suddenly missing is a strange thing. Maybe check your antivirus to see if it removed something? The error itself is Windows killing dt due to Data Execution Prevention. That might be some buffer overflow or similar, leading to a corrupted stack. I can only guess here as I have never seen anything like that myself.

Edit: Please try disabling any antivirus, uninstall darktable, install it again (to make sure all files are there) and then start dt. Does it still crash? After the test you may enable your antivirus again.

(Laurentia Art) #349

I have two presets that should be mutually split by the parameterized focal range.
The problem exists when I use one or the other.
These are newly opened images, no previous xmp containing a profile.




Does that happen with all files, either having focal length <= 70 and focal length >= 80?

(Laurentia Art) #351

Yes, it applies in all cases.

Ah, I just made a mistake, I have no focal between 70 and 80.


Hmm. And can you confirm that the two history entries are actually the two presets?

(Laurentia Art) #353

No, only the first line corresponds to my preset, which is the correct one, confirmed by a message on the screen: “the color profile has been imported” (something like that). The second line, at the top, coresponds to the standard matrix that I never asked for.
This same phenomenon appears when one of my two presets is applied: each time the standard matrix is added!

Sorry if I’m not specific enough, English is not my native language.

(Hugo) #354

It was the antivirus! Many thanks.

Avast’s “behavior shield” thought libgio-2.0-0.dll was behaving suspiciously. Since I have avast set to silent mode, I didn’t get that notification and it would default to removing the file (I guess).

I have now added libgio-2.0-0.dll as an exception and all is well.


Good to know, thanks!


Please go to the preferences (the cog wheel in the top), there select the presets tab, scroll to the input color profile line, expand it, make the window full screen and take a screenshot showing all input color presets.

(Laurentia Art) #357

Like this ?


That doesn’t shed any light on the situation either. Right now I have no idea what might be happening. I can’t trigger this locally, neither on Linux nor Windows.
One thing you could try is setting your Windows locale settings to English. I don’t expect that to make a difference, but I have been wrong before.

(Laurentia Art) #359

I don’t believe it too much … and, in fact, the choice of language must be automatic depending on the OS, I have seen nowhere in the doc or in the preferences, the possibility to choose it.
I don’t wish to modify Windows, I don’t have a test machine.

Maybe a sneaky bug in the interpretation of exclusion criteria?
I do not understand why the standard matrix applies systematically just after.

My two presets apply two different camera profiles depending on lens and focal length, wrongly named by dt which gives them the same shortname, and which have nothing to do with the standard matrix


Could you please upload the file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\darktable\data.db. If you zip it you can upload it here in the forum.

(Laurentia Art) #361

data.db.zip (12.4 KB)


No, nothing obvious in there either. :cry:

(Laurentia Art) #363

Never mind! I would proceed differently …
Happy Xmas for you and yours.