Darktable Gimp Lua script not working

I’ve got a problem with Gimp and Darktable and maybe someone can help here:
I’ve installed Darktable by using flatpak in Pop OS 20.10 and Gimp is installed over the Pop repository. Gimp is available if I type “gimp” or “/usr/bin/gimp”.
In Darktable the lua script “gimp” is started and I can export an image but nothing happens. If I start Darktable with “flatpak run org.darktable.Darktable -d lua” I get the following message:
which: no gimp in (/app/bin:/usr/bin)

  • 276.871331 LUA ERROR GIMP not found*

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

Has anyone an idea, what to do and how to solve it?

A flatpak runs in a sand box and doesn’t have access to the system, so it can’t start gimp.

You should be able to grant permission to the darktable flatpak to access gimp, have a look at the app Flatseal on flathub.


Thanks a lot! That would be an understandable reason and I’ll check it soon.