Darktable-git from AUR lensfun database fujifilm is missing XT-2 and 16mm 2.8

Dear all,
I did an installation of Darktable-git from AUR with pamac in Majaro KDE.
The lensfun database using de lens correction module is not complete.
From Fuji the XT-2 camera body is missing and the 16mm f2.8 prime lens of fujifilm.
How can we update the lensfun database in the build Darkable version 2.7.0?
Hoping for some help.

run lensfun-update-data

Did that we the command line in terminal:

sudo lensfun-update-data

Yes I now have the camerabody XT 2 but
NO i do not have the fujifilm 16mm in the database.
Can somebody update the central database.
Or is there another way?

maybe the lens is missing and you need to start here:

Hi darix,
No the lens is not missing but at Github see following URL:

[https://github.com/t3mujin/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/mil-fujifilm.xml ](https://github.com/t3mujin/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/mil-fujifilm.xml

But how can we replace this completly wthout a text editor. Until now the text editor (atom) does not function.


Can you select the body and lens manually? What version of exiv2 do you have?

No lens fujifilm 16mm f2.8 is still not in the lenscorrection module selectable (also after performing update with sudo lensfun-update-data. It is not in the list.

Also the github link is to a fork of lensfun, not the actual lens fun repo.

Where is the lensfun repo then.?

@t3mujin as it seems you have a fork with that lens … will you do a pull request with your changes?

Lens fun is at https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun

Sorry, I honestly thought I’d had taken care of the pull request. It’s now waiting to be merged.

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Many thanks Joao for the work.
What time is needed for the merge?

Its out of his hands and up to the lens fun devs.

I kind of gave a heads up to Torsten to merge it, lets hope it doesn’t take that long.


@RMA @paperdigits pull request merged :wink:

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Hi Joao,
Many many thanks.
I already updated. Now the 16mm F2.8 is present in the Lens Correction Module of Darktable.
I am considering to get also the Fujifilm 16-80mm F4. You are also using that lens?
Greetings from the Netherlands.

You’re welcome! I have the 16-80mm on my radar (would have been useful in my last trip) but it’s low priority and for now I’m not planning to get it. Maybe I can get a loaned one, if so I’ll do the calibration for it.

Lens calibration isn’t that hard! You can contribute!