darktable glam first edit

first time using a scene refered workflow for a glamour edits. using darktable retouch module for skin smoothing and spot retouching.
would love to hear any comments from the community


The retouching is okay. Sharpening could be more selective. E.g. the hair near the chin on our left looks ropy. It is the odd leg-crotch-bum area that is giving me the most pause.

BTW, if this is your primary goal, consider placing this under the critique category.

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thanks still trying to get the hang of it. you are right on most count. I think turning off sharpen and use only contrast equalizer would be the better.

Image looks nice viewed fit to screen, good colour and tonal balance, although if you spend a few seconds browsing you do come across this

Crop time?

Viewed 100% a few things stand out:
There is lots of colour noise, especially noticeable in the darks.
Red and green fringing (chromatic aberration) around shirt and panties.
The detail on her chin (our right) looks a bit pixelated/crunchy.
Some of her hair around the chin has also strange colours.


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You are correct the color noise is something that I haven’t figure out how to correct. I have already switch the amaze instead of Ppg. I am not what is wrong. When compared to Lightroom or capture one they don’t have this issue. Still trying to figure out how to solve this.

If I apply the chromatic aberration module. I get green fringing in her eyebrow and lashes.

The right chin I think is due to the dual sharpening

Thanks for the feedback very much appreciated.

You might need to play around with both the chromatic aberrations and the lens correction modules’ options.

For my camera/lenses combo I found out that auto applying lens correction but only for distortion and vignetting works best. I turn on the chromatic aberrations module if needed.

I edit a lot of Play Raws and noticed that sometimes you do not want to use the chromatic aberrations module but the all option in the lens correction module. It all seems to depend on the lenses used (maybe even in combination with the camera’s sensor).

Have a go at the wavelets section in the denoise (profiled) module.

@rawfiner made some nice videos (he’s the developer of this module): rawfiner - videos

EDIT: Just remembered that Bruce Williams also talked about the wavelets option in one of his videos: darktable ep 059 - Denoise (Profiled) in dt 3.0 (wavelet section starts at +/- 14:25)

Thanks for the advice. I will have another go at it and post it to see if there is any improvements

If you are using dt 3.4,
The two Demosaic algos worth comparing are amaze and vng4. (I think future versions are getting rcd as well as double demosaic options like rawtherapee, which will be brilliant).

If chromatic aberration module doesn’t work, turn it off and see if using chromatic aberration sliders in lens correction module works (often the best option if you have slight misalignment). If still no good, use defringe module.

For colour noise there is a very nice preset called chroma denoise (or something similar) in denoise profiled module. Sometimes it is too strong, in which case just turn down the strength.

RawTherapee is also better at CA correction. It has 2 CA correction tools and 1 defringing. Start with the CA one under the raw tab, which is often enough.

@eyedear Try the chroma noise preset…as a start…

i have done some additional edits. remove the sharpening all together. added lens correction I think its better

here my current history stack

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Certainly an improvement!

thanks. getting the hang of it