darktable mentioned on Wired

Just to mention that a Leica SL2 reviewer on Wired uses darktable. And likes It.
And Just that.


I also frequent the forums :grinning:


Cool!!! Nice you’ve mentioned it! (I mean, darktable and also that you’re the article’s author)

Thanks. Usually I try to do more productive things like contribute RAW profiles or denoising images so Darktable ends up with better camera support. But since that Leica uses DNG there wasn’t much to do.


@luxagraf oh wow, what a discovery I’ve just made, Scott. You’re Scott, right? I don’t care much about the Leica you reviewed but I’ve appreciated you mentioning darktable on Wired. Then I casually clicked the heart on the post above, followed the link to your website and wow, that was the discovery! I should take this off the thread and just write you an email but let me just say that I love your site and the things you’re writing, the little travel stories and photographs you’re sharing, that you dislike social media etc… good to have met you! keep on doing what you’re doing please!

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I can only agree … what a wonderful website. This is what the internet is made for.

Hey thank you, that’s very kind of you. And yes, that is me.

Awesome work @luxagraf!